the art of Clifford Faust

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 (347) 745-7989


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Clifford's art is very fashionable and colorful with a focus on the expressive line technique. He classifies his work as fashionable illustrations and drawings.

Clifford is inspired by beautiful visuals and wonderful fashion artists of both the past and present. He loves stunning imagery that has different shapes, colors, and people. Clifford focuses on fashion art and drawings because he loves to capture the soul of his subject.

A Reflection of the Subject

He is available for individual portraits that can be created using a photograph as inspiration. However, Clifford likes to first meet with the individual at a location of their choice before starting a portrait.

A Worthy Investment

Every piece of Clifford's art has a different price ranging from $200 to $1,000. Originals are available for purchase for a negotiable final price.